Automatic Speech Recognition Solutions

Verbyx and Verbyx VRX, off the shelf and custom solutions for all of your speech to text needs.

A Few of the Reasons

To Choose Us

Speech Experts

The Verbyx team has decades of experience in automatic speech recognition science and system design across a broad and challenging range of applications.

Standards Based

VRX is W3C standards based supporting SISR and SRGS. Verbyx can also convert and use open source acoustic models. Protect your investment, use standards based technology.

Custom Solutions

When the solutions you need can't be found in existing ASR systems, you need Verbyx on your team. If you have a speech recognition problem, let Verbyx solve it for you.


ASR For Any Domain


Acoustic & Language Models

Acoustic and language models are critical to your system performance. Find out why from this blog post.


System Test & Optimization

Let the experts at Verbyx test your system performance and provide recommendations on system improvements.


System Design

The Verbyx team have learned many expensive lessons over the years. We can help save costs by assisting you in your application design.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.

Arthur C. Clarke



VRX is a multi-function speech-to-text system, supporting three recognition modes. The optimal mode will likely be dictated by your applications. It is not necessary to choose a specific mode when licensing VRX as all three are available for each license. If you are unsure as to which method is best suited for your application, the experts at Verbyx are happy to help

Speech to Text Applications

Simulation & Training

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Point-of-Sale Terminals

Audio and Video Transcription

Gaming, Virtual and Augmented Reality

Command & Control


Cockpit Voice Input

Keyword and Keyphrase Detection

Call Center
Call Analytics


A Few Words About Us

Verbyx was born from the frustrations of existing ASR offerings that included poor customer support, poor performing technologies, lack of interest from large ASR vendors, and the time consuming need to work around the limitations of what was available. Verbyx is committed to doing better for its clients.

The development of VRX our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system is the result of many man years of effort from a passionate,  focused team of world class speech scientists and software engineers. 

Decades of Experience in the Application of ASR in Complex Domains

Members of the team have first hand experience in the use of ASR for complex domains such as aircraft cockpits, human in the loop simulation and call center IVR and analytics.

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