Speed, Accuracy, Scalability

VRX Multifunction ASR

VRX is a multi-function speech-to-text system, supporting three recognition modes. Your application will dictate which mode is most suitable. 

It is not necessary to choose a mode when licensing VRX as all three are available for each license. If you are unsure as to which method is best suited for your application, the experts at Verbyx are happy to help.

What we Offer

Context Free

Ideal for telephone IVR, Human-in-the-loop simulation, and command & control.


Ideal for audio transcription, dictation, video subtitling and call-analytics.


Ideal for high-speed processing of video and audio, and call analytics applications.


VRX Live

Real-time audio processing

Best suited for command & control, human-in-the-loop simulation, call centers and voice activated cockpits. 

Available as perpetual or recurring license.

Supports all recognition modes

VRX Batch

Fast-time audio processing

Suitable for processing large volumes of data. Ideal for call analytics, transcription and system testing

Available as perpetual or recurring licenses. Can buy by the audio processing hour

Supports all recognition modes.

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