Writing Requirements for Speech Recognition

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Writing Requirements for Speech Recognition

The Importance of Detailed Requirements

The purchase of an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) System is a challenging exercise. Consequently, if done poorly, the resulting program execution risks being a disaster. Spending time on writing requirements for speech recognition permits the evaluation and testing of ASR offerings against measurable criteria. In addition, price comparisons become meaningful. Vendors can be held accountable for the cost of product failings during the program phase.

Cost Drivers

Adding speech recognition to your system can be costly. This is not necessarily a problem if you have a sound ROI justification. However, the budget set aside for the project is at serious risk without sound system requirements. There are many pieces of the ASR puzzle that drive cost. For instance defining and adding supported phrases, creating dictionary entries, text to speech response definition, acoustic model development, and supported simulator functionality.

The document offered here discusses all of the main cost drivers. Furthermore, it will help limit the possible system shortcomings, prevent vendors from finding loopholes. Additionally, it will simplify comparing like for like solutions.

Writing Requirements for Speech Recognition

Writing requirements can seem an insurmountable challenge. The topic is complex and domain knowledge in the purchasing world is often scarce. If you do not understand how a system works, creating the necessary evaluation and testing criteria is an impossible task.

Free Download

The attached free download “Writing Requirements for Speech Recognition” is a guide for those responsible for finding, choosing, and implementing an ASR. It is vendor agnostic. We hope that you find the content informative and helpful as you tread this difficult path. If you read only one topic, then we suggest you start here Word Error Rates.

All effort spent on understanding and writing requirements will save money and will simplify the integration, testing, and acceptance of the ASR system you choose.

ASR Requirements Guide

This guide provides help, advice and guidance on writing and reviewing requirements for the purchase of automatic speech recognition.

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