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Working With Verbyx The Difference


Verbyx recognizes that our success is tied to the success of our partners. We are committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships and in providing your business with a competitive advantage.

The Verbyx Client Relationship

At Verbyx we are driven by a unified desire to fundamentally change the ASR Graphic of world map with group of people outlines industry. We understand and are excited by the possibilities of this amazing technology. We have a non-typical approach to our business models. We do not intend to build our own ASR enabled applications (but we will help you build yours) or compete with our customers. Ours is a business that seeks to create partnerships with companies that will enhance their existing ASR enabled applications or create new ones. Our partners will benefit from world class capabilities; affordable long term pricing models and flexible terms.

Whether you are seeking to replace your existing ASR solution or develop new ASR enabled applications, Verbyx can help. If you need help preparing a request for proposal or just want to bounce a few ideas around, it costs nothing to give us a call or drop us an email. The team at Verbyx is happy to offer help and guidance where it can.

Our Commitment to You

  • We support what we sell.
  • We do not nickel and dime.
  • We will not compete against you.
  • We will provide industry leading ASR.
  • We will work for your success.
  • We will treat you like a partner.

Speech recognition is an industry that is growing rapidly after many years of false starts and stagnation. Verbyx intends to be at the forefront of the technology advances and industry growth. By working with us in a collaborative manner, you can develop your services and applications using the Verbyx VRX platform and be part of that growth. When you work with Verbyx, we truly work with you as a partner and team member.