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A part of what makes the Verbyx team so effective is the combination of our in depth understanding of speech recognition science and our broad experiences in developing applications that make effective use of the technology. We have been involved in developing technology and solutions for a number of industries including banking, automotive, avionics, simulation, call-centers, language training, education and many more. Our industry backgrounds, struggles as users of ASR and our experience in a broad range of industries, allows us to see the problem from your perspective.

Research and Development Services

The Verbyx team excel at finding solutions to challenging speech recognition problems. We are often asked to research and develop features in our products that cannot be found elsewhere. Our comprehensive understanding of the complex science behind the speech recognition process, combined with advanced physics and mathematical knowledge, have proven a powerful combination.

Picture of manin front of chalk baord with drawings of concepts and ideas.

Value Added Services

Performance Analysis

Allow Verbyx to analyze key components of your speech system. We can provide recommendations for performance improvements.

Application Design & System Architecture

From cloud deployment to embedded devices, Verbyx can help. Let us use what we have learned to assist you with system and application design.

Acoustic and Language Models

Let us utilize our proprietary technologies to rapidly develop the models you need for your specific application.

Language Model Optimization

The Verbyx team has decades of experience in the development and optimization of complex language models. Request a consultation today!

Voice User Interface

We are very lucky to have a leading expert in voice user interface design and customer experience on our team. Make the most of 20 plus years of multi-channel experience with VoxPeritus.